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Green Gemstone jewellery | Emerald jewellery, malachite jewellery and more

green gems

From emeralds to malachite, we've got it all.
The Honeycomb jewellery collection | Diamond bee jewellery, colourful gemstone hexagon jewellery and more
Gemondo x bee friendly trust

hey honey

10% donation of sales from Honeycomb Collection goes to Bee Friendly Trust.

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The Extraordinary Collection For Extraordinary Women is our tribute to the trailblazing women through history

ECFEW collection Inspired by Cleopatra


Scarabs, hieroglyphs and snakes as never seen before. Discover our jewellery collection inspired by Cleopatra
ECFEW Joan D'Arc Collection | Gemondo


joan d'arc
Fleur de lis, garnet, swords and pearls. Discover our jewellery collection inspired by Joan D'arc
Floral Jewellery
floral jewellery
Pearl Baroque Earrings
modern pearls
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Matching Gemstone Jewellery Sets
jewellery sets
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HS Achievement Jewellery Collection | Charm Bangles and meaningful gemstone charms
her story achievement

hs achievement

Every charm has a story. What's yours?
New rings | Gardenia Fox Inspired Rings
new Rings
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Classic jewellery | Elegant gemstone rings, earrings and more
classic jewellery
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Gemstone bracelets and bangles
Bracelets & bangles
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