Gemstones that represent each month of the year

The concept of birthstones is believed by some to have a connection with Priestly breastplate, a ceremonial breastplate that held four rows of three precious stones symbolising 12 tribes. Some believe there is a connection between these stones and the months of the year.Traditionally, each month is associated with a single gemstone, but as you’ll find below there are a few months with multiple birthstones.Birthstones are surrounded by myths and legends and they're traditionally believed to possess magical energies that could be used as protection. It was thought that wearing the gemstone during its associated month helped to enhance its abilities.Whether or not you believe these myths , it’s hard to disagree that learning about birthstones can be an entertaining experience.Use this guide to birthstones by month and find a beautiful jewellery piece to symbolise birthdays or landmark dates that are personal to you and your loved ones.

January birthstones


A striking green gemstone that is four times rarer than emerald. During the Middle Ages, this precious gemstone was used as a symbol for truth and faith and nowadays some believe that tsavorite is the stone of strength, wealth, energy and confidence. 

It's truly a gorgeous gem considered by many a collector's stone and found only in Kenya and Tanzania.


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february birthstones

The royal stone


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March Birthstones

Poseidon's Stone


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April Birthstones

Christmas gifts in jewellery

Stone of invincibility


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