Anniversary Jewellery


Celebrate the many years spent together with a special anniversary gift that holds special meaning. Browse the list of landmark anniversaries and their symbolic gemstones below to celebrate relationships, parents and couples.

1st Anniversary

Choose your favourite gemstone or a meaningful birthstone set in any kind of gold or gold plated piece for a beautiful 1st anniversary gift. Choose from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold tones to suit your style.

2nd Anniversary

Garnet can be found in many colours but the most famous garnet gemstone is the rich dark red variety. Combine this gem with gold or sterling silver for an eye-catching 2nd anniversary gift.

3rd Anniversary

Beautiful and elegant pearl gemstones make for a classic piece of jewellery to be treasured as a 3rd anniversary gift. Pearl is also the 30th wedding anniversary gemstone.

4th Anniversary

The topaz gemstone comes in a selection of colours. Find a selection of different types of topaz including mystic topaz, blue topaz and clear topaz here.

5th Anniversary

Sapphire is a precious gemstone and is well known as a gift for 5th, 45th and 70th anniversaries. A timeless classic and a gorgeous choice for your loved one.

6th Anniversary

A beautiful gemstone available in a range of pink and purple shades. Celebrate a 6th anniversary with amethyst gemstone jewellery.

7th Anniversary

Known for its famous black colour, onyx is a dark and mysterious gemstone believed by some to be a protective gemstone when worn.

9th Anniversary
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a vibrant blue gemstone with flecks of golden pyrite that sparkle within, Often carved into cabochons, lapis lazuli is a great match for both warm golds and cool silver metals. Celebrate a 9th anniversary with captivating lapis lazuli.

10th Anniversary

Celebrate a decade together with diamonds that symbolise strength and beauty. As they say, diamonds are a girls best friend.

11th Anniversary

Turquoise is a semi-precious gemstone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. Celebrate an 11th anniversary with this vibrant blue gemstone.

12th Anniversary

Carved into beautiful smooth shapes, the jade gemstone are also used in a variety or ornaments and functional objects. From lavendar jade to blue jade, we have a variety of jadeite gemstones available.

13th Anniversary

Celebrate a 13th anniversary with sunny citrine gemstones. This zesty yellow and orange gem has a name derived from the French for Lemon.

14th Anniversary

Opal is a truly unique and breathtaking gemstone with its bright flashes of colour within each stone. Choose from classic white opal, burning fire opal and pink opal varieties to celebrate a 14th anniversary.

15th Anniversary

Rubies are gemstones of love and passion with their fiery red and pink colours. Celebrate a 15th anniversary with a stunning red ruby.

16th Anniversary

Peridot is a green gemstone that stays true to its colour but can occur in many shades from bottle green to olive green. Peridot jewellery makes a wonderful gift for 16th anniversaries.

17th Anniversary

Carnelian is a bright gemstone with an opaque red and orange colour. Give carnelian jewellery in celebration of a 17th anniversary.

19th Anniversary

This alluring blue gemstone is named after the Latin for 'Water of the Sea.' With a clear blue transparency this gemstone will be cherished as an 18th anniversary gift.

20th Anniversary

Alluring green emeralds are thought by some to be symbolic of growth and rejuvenation. Emerald is also the 35th and 55th anniversary gemstone.

21st Anniversary

Iolite gemstones have a name derived from the Greek word 'Ion' meaning 'violet flower.' Celebrate a 21st anniversary with timeless iolite gemstones.

22nd Anniversary

Spinel can be found in many different colour variations often popular in deep pink and black colours. Choose your favourite variety as a 22nd anniversary jewellery gift.

24th Anniversary

Tanzanite is named after the country Tanzania which remains the only place in the world it has been found. Tanzanite gemstones flaunt wonderful cobalt blue and violet shades.

25th Anniversary
Sterling Silver

The coolest of metals with versatility and a look that complements all gemstones. Celebrate a 25th anniversary with sterling silver gift.